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Did the ref bottle it – how is this not an El Clasico penalty?

varane lenglet penalty screen shot

Did the referee bottle the call? With a foot to the thigh with the ball being headed, how is this not a penalty?

The rescheduled El Clasico ended in a goalless draw.

However, Real Madrid had at least one legitimate call for a penalty.

In an incident where the referee had one of either two problems.

Either he quite simply missed the entire incident, or he didn’t have the backbone to make such a call.

A foot connecting with the thing of any player is usually called for the ref to blow the whistle.

A foot connecting with the thigh suds up while the ball is being headed is a certain offense.

Not in the eyes of El Clasico referee.

Neither Hernández Hernández on the field of play or by De Burgos Bengoetxea in the VAR called it.

Barcelona’s Clement Lenglet got away with an incident of almost grievous bodily harm on compatriot Raphael Varane.

The Real Madrid defender has the marks to prove it too.

What made the matter even worse, is that it took place in the penalty area.

Therefore not only a foul but it should have been a penalty to Real.

Check out the clip, the indident is about 18 seconds in, what do you think?