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Diego Costa refused to convince Griezmann to stay

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After leaving Atletico Madrid, Antoine Griezmann didn’t leave any enemies at the club as confirmed by Diego Costa on Tuesday.

One would’ve thought that Antoine Griezmann leaving Atletico Madrid would’ve left some Colchonero players upset, but Diego Costa at least confirmed that is not the case.

Perhaps the most diehard players who grew up in the club are not happy with the way he managed everything, but the Brazilian completely understands his decision.

Plus, FC Barcelona is a club known for making good business with Atletico Madrid.

Real Madrid is a very different story, the fans do get angry with the players who go to Los Blancos to the point of knowing them as traitors.

But Griezmann’s case is very different, he is a player who loves Atletico Madrid but had a lifetime dream of playing next to both Leo Messi and Luis Suarez.

The French forward repeatedly spoke wonders about the two stars, which is the main reason he decided to play for Barcelona.

We recently got some inside information from Diego Costa, the Brazilian player who shared the locker room with Griezmann at Atletico Madrid.

Rather than sounding resentful against Antoine, Costa confessed that he completely understands where the player is coming from.

Although he did feel sad for not having one of his friends in the squad anymore, he decided to walk on his shoes and explain to the people that they shouldn’t judge the striker.

During an interview to Youtube channel ‘Que Partidazo!’, Costa made a revelation that might surprise a lot of people.

“I didn’t try to convince him to stay. If he asked me for my opinion, I would’ve told him that each person needs to live a different experience.”

“He was a World Cup champion, I won La Liga with Atletico in 2014. When I saw that I had to leave, I also chose to go to Chelsea. I was very happy there.”

“The fact that you go somewhere else doesn’t mean you are ungrateful to the club. You simply get to a point where you need to live a new experience.”

“He wanted something new and that was Barcelona for him. Personally, he was always in a great mood and he always behaved well with the rest of the dressing room.”

“I hope he doesn’t lose that happiness. Maybe his exit did hurt some people. If all that drama wouldn’t have happened, he would’ve left in a quiet manner because leaving is normal.”

“Playing with Messi was his dream, with Suarez too. We all know the type of player that he is.”

“As a footballer, you always want to try new things. I think him saying that he wants to play over there is completely normal.”

“He obviously wants to know if he can be as important in Barcelona as he was for Atletico. I still think it was a normal decision.”

“We can say that many of us were sad because an important player left us, but we need to be happy because he is happy.”

“If there is something we need to do is be grateful towards him for everything he did for the club.”

“He didn’t only leave a few million euros, he is an upfront guy and he never missed a training session.”

“We can’t speak anything negative about him because he was always an example, we can only be grateful towards him,” he concluded.

What did Diego Costa mean by drama?

Well, you all know how things happened between two summer transfer windows.

Antoine Griezmann appeared to leave last year and changed his mind all of a sudden, only to change it again this summer.

This is the drama that Costa is talking about, there is a lot of people who felt played by Antoine for the way everything went down.

There is no way that many Atletico Madrid fans will forgive him for what he did, but they should take a page from Diego Costa’s playbook.

They should at least be grateful that Griezmann didn’t want to play for Real Madrid, that would’ve been truly disastrous for every single Colchonero.

Everybody should relax and let the man fulfill his dream, he will most likely play his first match next to Leo Messi when the international break ends this weekend.

FC Barcelona will play against Valencia on Saturday at Camp Nou Stadium, there is still no confirmation about Leo’s return from his injury but we all expect him to return sometime in the next couple of weeks.

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