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Diego Costa, the Atletico Madrid striker is back to fitness

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The situation with Diego Costa in Atletico Madrid has finally been averted, the Brazilian striker received the green light to play against Rayo.

The best possible news has come for Atletico Madrid and manager Diego Simeone, striker Diego Costa is completely recovered and he will be available to play against Rayo Vallecano this weekend.

The Brazilian striker who represents Spain’s national team suffered a metatarsal injury in December, he had to go under the knife and he was kept from all activity during the better part of the last 10 weeks.

In this period of time, manager Diego Simeone had to take action and he decided to sign Alvaro Morata from Chelsea but it only took Costa a few days to recover after Morata came to the club.

The former Rayo striker feels very motivated when they bring him a little competition, which means that we will get the best possible version of Diego Costa for the final part of the season.

Diego arrives just in time for the Round of 16 matches against Juventus, which will be a massive challenge for the Spanish club given that they will have to face Cristiano Ronaldo and an incredible squad managed by Massimiliano Allegri.

The one who looks especially happy with this news is manager Diego Simeone, who spoke to the press ahead of the match against Rayo at the Metropolitano.

One of the major concerns that the people have now that Diego Costa has recovered from his injury, is the relationship that he may have with Alvaro Morata and the competition this could bring to the club.

Simeone isn’t worried about this at all, he actually thinks that both players can even perform together on the pitch, which is something that nobody expected to hear because they play the exact same position.

We all know that Antoine Griezmann already has a secured spot in the squad, but there are still two more positions up front that will be disputed by several offensive players.

“I believe that all the strikers we have right now can be absolutely compatible with Morata if we look at it from a working standpoint and the team’s structure,” said Simeone via Marca.

“Diego Costa is doing great right now, he is in top form and with a lot of ambition like he always is, he is a true warrior.”

“We really hope that he can take everything he has inside as soon as possible, we really need him for this part of the season,” said Diego Simeone about Diego Costa’s return to top form earlier on Friday.

This return to shape is without question one of the best news that Atletico Madrid could get, they are looking to finish the season with at least the chance to compete for the two trophies they are still fighting for.

La Liga will be a little more difficult to play for because of Real Madrid and Barcelona’s level of performance right now, but the Champions League is the one competition that has them very motivated.

They really needed a key player like Diego Costa for this part of the season, the final stages will be very important for the Colchoneros if they want to get to the final this season at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium.

A huge motivation that manager Diego Simeone has accompanied with his contract renewal earlier this week as the cherry on top of everything, it’s about time that Atletico Madrid starts taking this part of the season very seriously because they could miss out on a great opportunity if they don’t.

Costa and Griezmann are the two players with the capacity to bring that trophy for Atletico Madrid this season, the one title that Simeone still doesn’t get and the most elusive one.

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