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Diego Maradona lashes out at press

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After reports claimed that he is suffering health problems, Diego Maradona has lashed out at the media and says that he is in sound health.

Clearly Diego Maradona is not right. The legendary Argentine forward was forced to resign from his position as the manager of Mexican club, Dorados. The reason explained behind this sudden departure was health issues. This has got many people fearing for Pibe de Oro whose health issues are not the best kept secret anyway.

However, it is clear that Maradona is not going to have any of it. The former World Cup winner has been angered by media reports claiming that he is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. In order to set the record straight, Maradona clarified his physical condition via an Instagram post.

The post read:

“Hello everyone. They talk about Alzheimer’s, but they don’t know what the word Alzheimer’s means. This is something terrible. People die of Alzheimer’s and I’m not dying. I’m not dying! They can’t do their job. They want to get confused. And I don’t like confusion…”

Indeed, Maradona’s manager, Matias Morla also denies that his client is suffering from the terrible disease.

While speaking to Italian press, Morla denied all rumors and said that everything is in order.

“I want to clarify that every test carried out, did not give any indication in this sense. In Mexico, Diego was running and administering a scocer campus, a technical staff and a club. He was put through various health checks, by some psychologists and psychiatrists who gave satisfactory reports. So there is no information that coincides with what was leaked by the media.”

Indeed, one can expect Maradona to be battling with one thing or another. However, we do hope that he is in good health. And while the legend is adamant that he is doing fine, perhaps it would be better to double check.