Diego Maradona thinks he can coach Manchester United

During an odd interview with Four Four Two, Diego Maradona dropped another funny quote about coaching Manchester United someday.

Diego Maradona is one of the greatest players who ever lived, but he apparently wants to leave his mark at Manchester United as a manager.

The Argentine legend currently coaches Dorados from Sinaloa and he hasn’t exactly enjoyed too much success.

Perhaps Maradona’s biggest chance to perform as a manager came too early during his career, he did it with Argentina and he was painfully eliminated by Germany in the 2010 World Cup.

After that, Diego hasn’t really coached at the highest level and he has been constantly criticized.

Maradona is a very controversial figure in football, the man has always struggled with his demons and addiction.

The life he led is what has driven him away from bigger opportunities and from getting better results as a manager.

Mexican club Dorados from Sinaloa are the ones who have given him a new chance.

Maradona has been closer to success during his two seasons there but he is still far away from being called by a giant club such as Manchester United.

Regardless of how little prestige he has as a manager, Maradona somehow thinks that he is a world class manager who can be successful anywhere.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Maradona’s latest controversial proposition.

The Argentine coach offered an interview to Four Four Two recently, the full version will get published for the July issue of the magazine.

Maradona was questioned about several topics that we will all be able to read next month, but the publication decided to mention the most interesting part.

Diego Maradona was asked about Manchester United’s current situation, the Argentine manager didn’t hesitate to make a little self-promotion.

Diego is convinced that he can help the Red Devils win trophies again, he even fave his two cents about some players and reminisced about the time he faces the club back in the ’80s.

“If Manchester [United] need a coach, I’m the man to do it,” said Diego to Four Four Two.

“I know they sell lots of shirts around the world, but they need to win trophies, too. I can do that for them.”

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“Manchester United used to be my favorite English team for so long. So many great players and a great team under Alex Ferguson.”

“But now I have to say Man City. I know you shouldn’t change like that but it’s because of Kun [Aguero]. We speak a lot and he plays in a very good team.”

“With United I liked Ander Herrera. Paul Pogba? Doesn’t work hard enough. I played at Old Trafford [in the 1983/84 Cup Winners’ Cup quarter-final]. What noise, like La Bombonera.”

Being real with what Maradona said, we think he did say it on a serious note.

However, nobody in their right mind at Manchester United would think about bringing the legendary former player to the club as the coach.

Diego Maradona’s track record is below mediocre, he’s never really had a good performance as a coach.

Granted, he did help Argentina qualify to the 2010 World Cup but he got eliminated in the competition’s quarterfinals by Germany.

All people can do when they read these words from Diego is cringe a little bit and fear for the day this could happen.

And before anybody comes at me saying that Maradona deserves a little more respect, he should’ve thought about that before he made all those mistakes that have damaged his image in front of the whole world.

There is no other figure in football that has been as controversial as Diego Maradona.

Watching his videos from the days in which he truly was the best player in the world is very different from the man we know today.

In my humble opinion, Diego Maradona shouldn’t even be related to football in any way.

Would you like Diego Maradona to coach Manchester United someday? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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