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Diego Simeone can’t say if Atleti will look for more players

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Atletico Madrid manager, Diego Simeone, believes the transfer market is an enigma and he cannot predict anything about it.

After losing Antoine Griezmann to Barcelona, Atletico Madrid has been trying to get together a good squad for the 2019-2020 Spanish La Liga season.

“Players can arrive and players can leave, but until the window closes you never know what will happen,” manager Diego Simeone told reporters according to Spanish media outlet Marca.

“It depends on how we handle the players and their agents.”

The manager explained: “Hopefully we can close the window excited about this season.”

“What we value beyond the result is working towards an objective, we don’t want the change of players to generate a different atmosphere.”

“The new players have to be prepared to work as the old ones did, they need to see what the team needs from them,” he added.

“Kieran Tripper will give us many things with his experience.”

“It wasn’t childish [the red card], that’s just your interpretation,” he commented about Marco Llorente’s red card.

“In football, these things happen.”

“You don’t mention the opponent that came straight through the back of him, but he made a poor choice and the sending off was fair,” Diego Simeone concluded.