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Diego Simeone defends his style of play at Atletico Madrid

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During an extended interview with Goal, manager Diego Simeone came out to defend his defensive style at Atletico Madrid throughout his career.

It’s safe to say that this season hasn’t been the best for Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid in any competition they played.

The Colchoneros signed several “offensive” players that made the general public believe they would change that defensive style they’ve always practiced.

This season kept them playing at the very top of the table in La Liga and they even reached the Champions League Round of 16.

However, the Spanish club wasn’t able to respond to the challenge at the most crucial moment in all the competitions.

The first major test came in mid-January against Girona in Copa del Rey, the Catalan club proved they were the better offensive squad against Diego Simeone’s defensive tactics.

The Argentine manager was able to keep the squad competitive all the way til April in La Liga.

But the crucial moment came against FC Barcelona and the Colchoneros weren’t able to respond to the challenge with a 2-0 defeat at Camp Nou in recent weeks.

The only hope they had was in the Champions League against Cristiano Ronaldo’s Juventus. Atletico actually played a great match at the Wanda Metropolitano.

The nightmare started at Juventus Stadium

It’s safe to say that Diego Simeone’s intentions this season were to take Atletico Madrid all the way to the Champions League final at the Metropolitano.

The boss signed key players such as Thomas Lemar or Alvaro Morata with the intention of transforming the club into a more offensive squad that could compete against any other club in Europe.

The Colchoneros met two problems in the two competitions they had left that they couldn’t shake off eventually.

The first was the more obvious issue of playing against two of the best players in the world. It doesn’t matter how great your squad is at any given moment of the season.

If you face Messi or Ronaldo you have a major chance of getting schooled by either of those players.

Leo scored against them at Camp Nou and Cristiano Ronaldo crucified the Colchoneros with a hat-trick in the Champions League.

The second and least obvious was the tactical approach that Simeone used throughout the season.

The Argentine manager never understood that he needed to play a different style of football with the new players he got to compete during this season and that was his ultimate downfall.

But Simeone wanted to defend himself from all the criticism he got for that style he uses at the Colchoneros.

“Getting criticized comes with this job description, so does personal opinion,” said Simeone on Goal.

“What I always try to defend when it comes to style is something very clear: any given style comes with the type of players you get in the squad.”

“I can’t have a style to use in a less competitive squad and just try to implement it.”

“I always need to adapt to the club that hires me, try to get the best out of all the players.”

“Then, as an employee, I have to make that club grow. That’s what makes a good manager, in my opinion.”

“He who tries to impose his own style to a club that can’t do it is not a good manager because he is going against the club’s philosophy.”

“Let’s analyze things starting from there. You get those who try to look down on a certain style or a philosophy and you got those of us who accept any style.”

“What really hurts is the people who ruthlessly look down on any style of play through criticism.”

“I’ve personally never heard people looking down upon a team that plays through ball possession or players association football.”

“Nobody criticizes the squads that play in such a manner.”

“I’ve always heard those who like that style coming after other different ways to play football and the managers who defend other ideas. My question is, why?”

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