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Diego Simeone disagrees with Marcelo Bielsa’s Fair Play

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Manager Diego Simeone admires Marcelo Bielsa as a manager but he doesn’t really agree with that Fair Play moment from Leeds United.

Marcelo Bielsa sparked a healthy debate about Fair Play after he demanded his Leeds United players to give a goal away, Diego Simeone doesn’t agree with it.

In a better light of the typical Argentine personality, the Atletico Madrid manager isn’t so keen on what his compatriot did during that April 28 match vs Aston Villa.

Leeds United had the promotion to the Premier League on the line, the ‘Villains’ had an injured player and the United players ignored him to score a goal.

This really angered Marcelo Bielsa, who demanded his players to allow a goal from Villa.

After the match, the Argentine manager was asked about this action and he responded that he only did what he thought was the most obvious thing to do in English football.

After a couple of weeks have passed, it appears that this Fair Play demonstration isn’t shared by many of Bielsa’s compatriots.

In fact, manager Diego Simeone spoke to Diario Ole about the incident and he hinted that we probably wouldn’t have done the same.

For the Atletico Madrid manager, winning is more important than looking good with some Fair Play demonstration.

There have been several famous Argentines who have given their two cents on the matter, most of them tend to agree with Diego Simeone rather than Bielsa.

The Colchoneros’ manager believes that Marcelo wouldn’t have done the same if he was coaching a club with a higher profile.

However, Bielsa was risking a lot when he did this because that action practically cost him Leeds United’s direct promotion to the Premier League.

“I actually saw Bielsa’s play,” said Simeone on Diario Ole.

“It was a spontaneous reaction, too difficult to judge when you are sitting on your couch. Marcelo decided to stop the match in order to decide what was fair.”

“But only the referee can deliver justice, not us. We are football managers and we are hired to transmit competitive values to our players, but we get mostly hired to win.”

“When we don’t deliver results, we get sacked. It is the referee the one who decides if something is right or wrong.”

“Then you have personal issues like what happened to Marcelo. We would have to see if he would’ve done the same during a World Cup final. Not all circumstances are the same.”

Leeds United plays for promotion next weekend.

Due to that missed opportunity that Leeds United got against Aston Villa, Marcelo Bielsa will have to play for promotion in a playoff.

The last four squads out of the Top Six always play each other to decide a winner that will ascend to the Premier League next season next to the first and second place on The Championship.

The third place goes against the sixth and the fourth plays against the fifth. This means that destiny wanted Leeds United to play against Derby County in a two-legged knock-out stage.

The other series will be between West Bromwich and Aston Villa. The winners of each series will play each other in a single match, it will be sort of a final.

The first matches will take place on Saturday, then we get the return legs in mid-week. We will see if Marcelo Bielsa goes through a similar situation against Frank Lampard’s Derby County and how he would react.

This will put Diego Simeone’s theory to the test. The Atletico Madrid manager comes across as more honest due to the way in which he sees football, both managers have vastly different philosophies.

What would Marcelo Bielsa do if he got himself in a similar situation during the playoffs against Derby County? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.