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Diego Simeone explains why he doesn’t coach Argentina

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During an extensive interview with Fox Sports, Diego Simeone revealed his reasons for not coaching the Argentina National Team.

After the rough period that the Argentina National Team went through over the last five years, the top favorite to coach the squad was Diego Simeone.

The Atletico Madrid manager is perhaps the name that all Argentines love the most to manage the squad but there have been many obstacles that have prevented it.

The first one is Simeone’s unbreakable commitment with Atletico Madrid.

The Argentine manager signed a contract with the Spanish club and he will respect it without any shred of a doubt.

Next, we have the fact that the Argentina National Team actually hasn’t approached him to ask if he would like to take the job.

Many news outlets from his country speculated that Diego Simeone refused to coach Argentina when Jorge Sampaoli was sacked.

The manager just confirmed that nobody approached him when the time came to make a decision, but this revelation has a story behind it.

AFA possibly knew that Diego Simeone would possibly reject the National Team, but they could’ve had vastly different reasons than the manager explained this Friday during an interview with Fox Sports.

“I feel and consider myself a team coach today. My old man who is 70 years old keeps asking me when will I coach the National Team.”

“He keeps telling me he has little time left, I can only tell him that I still don’t feel ready for that. I feel the need to attend the training sessions on a daily basis with my squad.”

“I still have to grow in a lot of different aspects. I wish I am prepared in the future and they still want me there, but I don’t feel ready today.”

“It’s one thing to coach a club and another to coach a National Team. Once you manage Argentina, I think there is nothing left to do.”

“From the day you take the job and everybody congratulates you for it, everybody will also criticize you until the day you become a champion.”

“Only remaining close to the players is what takes you closer to winning. I am actually not surprised that Lionel Scaloni was named the coach.”

“What tells you that he can’t win the Copa America and then they ask him to stay permanently?”

“This is football. I believe that the best for me, is that an under 20 manager gets ready and then takes the National Team.”

“The one who comes up from the bottom is the one who understands football better.”

Simeone’s future as the Argentina manager.

It’s not that Diego Simeone doesn’t want to ever coach the national team, it’s that he shares the same ideas many managers have today.

The ones that are younger usually don’t want to take on the monumental task of coaching a national team.

Managing a whole nation of players is a gargantuan challenge that managers agree to take during the later stages of their careers, especially in high profile teams like Argentina.

You usually see managers who are older coaching teams such as France, Brazil, Spain, Italy, or others.

It’s very rare that a younger manager likes the idea of coaching his country when he still has so much more to learn.

Being the manager of a national team comes with the added motivation of coaching your country in a World Cup or a continental cup.

Diego Simeone obviously wants to coach Argentina when the time comes, but he obviously prefers to remain at club level for now because he is not even 50 yet.

We will see the Colchoneros’ manager coaching his country someday, but it’s still too soon for him to take on this challenge.

When is a good time for Diego Simeone to manage Argentina? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.