During a long interview for La Nacion, Diego Simeone came after Real Madrid’s lack of school and praised other clubs above them.

We’ve all known that Diego Simeone has always hated Real Madrid, he is an Atletico Madrid die-hard fan who attacks Los Blancos on every chance he gets.

The latest of these attacks came on Sunday after La Nacion published a long interview on the Colchoneros’ manager.

Simeone speaks about several topics related to the new club he has, he revealed how much the squad has changed over the years and finally dropped the act of feeling like the ‘victim’.

Contrary to what he said last week, ‘Cholo‘ finally recognized that his team is no longer a “poor” club that always fights against the system.

However, the Argentine recognized the enormous work that his whole staff has completed over the last eight years.

Atletico Madrid went from being considered an eternal loser to one of Europe’s most competitive squads, all thanks to what Diego Simeone has done.

With that out of the way, we need to talk about the man’s obsession with Real Madrid and how far the rivalry has taken them.

‘Cholo’ doesn’t think that Los Blancos have a defined style of play, a football school if you will.

The many trophies this club has won throughout the decades are not a reflection of a club that knows what type of football they play.

“When a manager arrives at a club, we need to understand the squad’s history,” said ‘Cholo’ during the interview.

“If we don’t, we are destined to have a much more difficult time than any other thing. If I don’t feel that essence, I prefer to not coach any club that offers me a job.”

“From the very first moment I accept to coach any club, the manager has to ask the sanest and most noble question there is to ask: ‘What’s this club’s history?’.”

“After you ask this question, you have to mold your own style into the club’s history. All of this without ever giving up on your own voice from the get-go.”

“Ajax has a defined school. Barcelona has one as well, so does Juventus. Atletico Madrid has a school too.”

“But Real Madrid doesn’t. They tend to rely on talent in the many forms they present themselves to the public.”

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“Then there are clubs that are being born right now, such as Guardiola’s Manchester City.”

“They don’t have a rich history, but they are slowly getting themselves through the path that Guardiola wants them to take.”

“And maybe, we will be able to say that City plays in a specific way because of Pep. We will also have to see if the post-Guardiola era gets someone who changes what he’s been proposing through all these years.”

“Of course, it’s important to handle a club’s history. The fans need to see what they also find familiar.”

“The footballers also have an easier job to approach closer to what the club is asking from them when the institution has a defined history,” he added.

Why the attack against Real Madrid?

Although it may be true that Real Madrid doesn’t have a style of football as many more clubs do, this latest attack was completely unnecessary from Diego Simeone.

Unless he wants to ignite the rivalry from a very early stage of the competition, there was no need to go after Los Blancos when they are going through such a difficult period.

Atletico Madrid does have a defined style of play, but their latest transfers and growth will push them away from a defensive style that Simeone has always defended.

The Colchonero fans will grow tired of this school of football very quickly, especially knowing that they already have the players to compete against any offensive football club in the world.

The manager already confirmed that his team is no longer weak, he also recognized that Atletico Madrid will have to go through a transition process that will change their personality in a profound manner.

We are pretty certain that most Real Madrid fans are hating Diego Simeone a little bit more after this. However, they can always go to their huge trophy room to drown their sorrows.

Why do you think Real Madrid doesn’t have a school of football as Diego Simeone pointed out? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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