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Diego Simeone is thrilled about his 400-match milestone

Diego Simeone
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Atletico manager Diego Simeone, finally reached 400 official matches as the Colchoneros’ manager against Sant Andreu on Wednesday.

It’s crazy to think that Diego Simeone has already reached 400 official matches as the Atletico Madrid manager, he got to this incredible milestone this Wednesday with a 4-0 victory against Sant Andreu.

The Argentine manager was eagerly expecting this Copa del Rey match because he knew how important it was for him, but he attempted to not look as excited as he really was after the match.

‘Cholo’ suffered during the first half against a complicated Sant Andreu because they wanted to really compete against the Colchoneros, the boss had to bust out his big guns for the second half and Thomas Lemar was the big hero of the night with a stellar performance after coming in to replace Toni Montoya.

The French midfielder started his particular performance with Atletico’s first goal, then he led his teammates with another assist and many details of his quality throughout the whole second half at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium.

The other three goals were scored by Correa, Kalinic, and Vitolo in order to give Atletico Madrid the victory.

But the main attraction of the night was Diego Simeone, the manager who usually eclipses all his players because he’s really earned everybody’s respect in the over 6 seasons he’s coached the Colchoneros.

In all European football, there is no other manager who has transformed his club like ‘Cholo‘ has during his time with the club and he seems like he may last a lifetime coaching the Spanish giants.

The biggest credit that Simeone has during this time, is the incredible task of making the Colchoneros just as competitive as Real Madrid or Barcelona during a time in which both clubs completely dominate European football.

When one thinks about Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid, one always thinks about the major contribution and prestige that this club brings to all the competitions they play and Simeone is a key figure in all this success.

This major milestone is incredible for him, but we all know that the ‘Cholo’ way is always linked to austerity above everything else.

The Argentine manager won’t be happy with this milestone if, by the end of the season, his players haven’t won any trophies or at least fought for them.

When asked about those 400 matches and the next 400 hundred as the Atletico Madrid manager, Diego Simeone responded in a unique fashion.

“It gives me the chills and a lot of excitement to think about that number,” said ‘Cholo’ via Marca.

“Out of everything we’ve been doing during the last years, the best thing that could happen is to not look back especially with the players and the people who have been here since I arrived.”

“Being in a club that I love and always looking to improve as a team and as an institution, is something that makes me very happy. I hope we can be here until the day that I have no more energy left in my body.”

“All I see is myself on the next match against Alaves. The best part of all this that we have an identity. From the person who serves cocktails at the bar to the last staff member in the club, all the way to the fan who was just born yesterday or even the oldest one.”

“Everybody knows the way we play and that is the most important thing any club can have: an identity. Anything bad? It’s not worth remembering the bad stuff, is it?” he concluded.

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