Diego Simeone negotiates with Atletico Madrid until 2022

Atletico Madrid and Diego Simeone have started talking about the possibility of the Argentine manager extending his contract until 2022 with the club.

The relationship between Atletico Madrid and Diego Simeone has been open and very close for the better part of 8 years now, the Argentine manager has become one of the longest-working managers in European football after Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson retired from their respective clubs.

During this time in front of the Colchoneros, the Argentine manager has already won one Copa del Rey trophy, one La Liga trophy, two Europea League trophies, one Spanish Supercup, two UEFA Supercups, and he has been the Champions League runner-up in two separate occasions.

All this success has turned Diego Simeone into a sort of football guru that has been handed the keys to the whole club, nobody doubts of what the Argentine manager does with Atletico Madrid and everybody trusts him blindly.

In past seasons there have been doubts coming from the manager himself about the future, losing competitions such as the Champions League final in two separate occasions was something that really stayed with Simeone.

After every single time that his squad lost against Real Madrid, Diego immediately told the press that leaving was a very real possibility.

As time has gone by and the wounds have closed, Simeone has grown stronger every year and he has cooked up some interesting ideas for the future of the club.

This season appears to be very hopeful for the Colchoneros as they attempt to reach a third Champions League final under their manager, a match that will be played at their own Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid.

With this goal in mind, Diego Simeone was able to spend a little more money last summer for top players who have improved the club’s chances of winning more silverware by the end of the season.

The top target remains the Champions League final but they are also still second-placed in La Liga, only five points behind FC Barcelona and still fighting for the trophy until the very end.

Their latest Copa del Rey upset against Girona was a proper wake-up call for Simeone, he knew right then and there that the Colchoneros couldn’t get any more distractions as he saw this setback as a positive thing for the whole group.

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Despite this bad result in the “lesser” competition, the club’s board of directors are trusting this manager with their souls and they are never having any doubts to whether he is the right man for the job or not.

Now that the Argentine manager has completely transformed Atletico Madrid from a normal European club into a title contender, it is obvious that the club’s president and fans want the manager to remain at the club for as long as he can.

While there has already been a discussion about ‘Cholo’ coaching Internazionale Milano later in his career, this hypothetical future is still a few years away as Simeone is well into the negotiation for a contract extension until the year 2022 according to Marca.

The final signature is expected to come from the manager before the end of the season, he wants to have that sorted out as quickly as possible so he can fully concentrate on attempting to win at least one of the two major trophies that the Colchoneros are still fighting for this season.

The man has a complete connection with his players, he has their full trust and support, and he has also managed to earn the respect of Atletico Madrid fans of all ages or walks of life.

There is no reason for the manager to leave right now, it is only natural that he extended his stay for a couple more years.

How many more trophies will Diego Simeone win from now until the year 2022 when his contract expires? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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