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Dinamo Bucharest manager suffers heart attack during match

dinamo bucharest coach eugen neagoe
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Eguen Neagoe suffered a suspected heart attack during a game between Dinamo Bucharest and Craiova on Sunday.

Dinamo Bucharest have confirmed that Neagoe suffered a heart attack during the defeat to Craiova but have assured fans that the manager is in a stable condition.

An ambulance arrived on the scene and rushed the 51 year old to a nearby hospital. However, it appears that the Dinamo Bucharest manager has survived the scare and is able to communicate.

According to reports, the first thing Neagoe asked doctors was “What’s the score?”

Everyone from Dinamo Bucharest including coaches and first team players have visited the manager. Neagoe was managing the second game of Romanian top flight this season but it is expected that he would at least be missing a few weeks of action.

A physician has provided an update on the manager’s situation, stating that the Dinamo Bucharest man is doing well.

“He is conscious, stable and under investigation.

“I cannot tell you what happened on the ambulance. He was brought here consciously and stable in terms of vital functions.

“He told us that the diagnosis data should only be provided through the family. We do not know how long he will stay here. Cardiology colleagues will decide,” the physician said as reported by talkSPORT.

The incident happened in the 25th minute of the game as players from both sides looked on in shock.

And the opposing sporting director Silvian Cristescu visited the manager as well.

“He will remain two days under observation. He was asleep. His wife and his daughter are here next to him.

“This is football, we chose this job. There are so many coaches who have heart problems and they could train further.

“I do not know if he will stay at Dinamo Bucharest. For now he has to take a longer break. In clubs with many fans there is always pressure.”