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Djorkaeff: Mbappé is a mixture of Henry and Ronaldo

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Frenchman Youri Djorkaeff, made the comparison that we have been doing for the last few months: Mbappé is a mixture of Henry and Ronaldo.

Many have been talking about how similar Kylian Mbappé is to Brazilian Ronaldo in his prime, but fellow Frenchman Youri Djorkaeff finally nailed it by saying that the kid is also a little like Thierry Henry.

We have been discussing this talented player for the last year and made in-depth analyses about his specific skills, we have repeatedly said that this player is very much like R9 when he was in his prime but he also has many similarities to Thierry Henry due to his elegance when he moves with the ball.

A combination between Ronaldo’s explosiveness with Henry’s French flair, one that is proving deadly for any defender and a fan favorite around the world after last Monday’s award ceremony.

The best part of all this is that Kylian seems like he is well on his way to becoming an even greater player than any of those two, because he has already started with much greater results than either Ronaldo or ‘Titi’.

For starters, none of both players won the World Cup with a starring role as teenagers. R9 was the one who came close to Mbappé after winning it with Brazil in 1994, but he didn’t play a single minute.

Henry did win the World Cup with a more prominent role in 1998, but he didn’t start for Les Bleus that year and he didn’t become the Henry we all fell in love with until he started playing for Arsenal.

In order to make a proper comparison between both players and decide who Mbappé is more reminiscent to, we need to look for a player who actually shares a dressing room with both and that guy is Youri Djorkaeff.

The French midfielder played for France with Henry throughout his whole career, and he also shared the squad with the best Ronaldo we ever say at Internazionale Milano. Only a guy like him could decide who Mbappé is more similar to.

“I had the opportunity to play with great strikers. And I think that Mbappe is more like Thierry Henry, because they have the same speed,” said Youri via Goal.

“Ronaldo takes the ball, turns, dribbles, with the speed, with the skills. Mbappe needs movement, like Thierry Henry.”

“Ronaldo plays as a number nine. Mbappe plays a bit on the side, as Thierry Henry did. So I think in two or three years, we could compare Mbappe with Ronaldo. Because, according to me, Mbappe will play as a number nine,” he added.


Our analysis of the comparison

After going through what Djorkaeff said about the similarities that Kylian Mbappé has with both Ronaldo and Henry, we have to disagree with one very simple thing.

Kylian is not going to become like Ronaldo in the future, he will not move to the number ‘9’ position in a few years because he doesn’t need to do it.

Mbappé is so good that he can score many goals from any position up front in any club he plays.

The kid has proven that many times over the last couple of years, playing as a winger who can score many goals is a position that both Messi and (Cristiano) Ronaldo have dominated for the last decade.

So, our assessment of this beautiful comparison is this: Kylian Mbappé does have similarities with both Thierry Henry and Brazilian Ronaldo, but he will have stats that are more similar to the ones that Cristiano and Messi have because he is another one of those rare ‘Super Strikers’ who surfaces every few decades in world football.

Mbappé will improve in defense, but he will improve as an offensive player only by growing his stats because his style of play is already perfect.

What your take on this comparison of Kylian Mbappé to both Thierry Henry and Brazilian Ronaldo? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.