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Domenico Berardi says he could leave Sassuolo

UDINE, ITALY - APRIL 20: Domenico Berardi of Sassuolo in action during the Serie A match between Udinese and US Sassuolo at Stadio Friuli on April 20, 2019 in Udine, Italy. (Photo by Alessandro Sabattini/Getty Images)
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The Italian forward has spent his entire career with Sassuolo and had the chance to go to Juventus but he didn’t go at the end.

Domenico Berardi debuted professionally in 2012 with Sassuolo in the Italian Lega Serie A. Since then he’s been consistent with the team, and while he had the chance to go to Juventus once, he decided not to.

But that has changed today, and the player says he is ready to leave Sassuolo “if the right proposal arrives.”

“I wasn’t ready then, so that is why I decided to remain and I don’t think I wasted that time,” Berardi was quoted by Football Italia.

“Now I feel at ease with myself, especially as I am more of a complete player and I’m no longer such a hothead.”

“My first career objective was to complete the maturation process and I feel that I’ve done that with Sassuolo. I find it difficult to change, but it no longer frightens me. I would do it,” he added.

“The next objective is to play in Europe, but it’d have to be at a club where I know I’d be used regularly, if not all the time. That is my priority.”

“If an offer were to come, whether it was from Milan or any other club, I’d evaluate it. If I feel that it is the right proposal, one I have to grab, then this time I’ll tell Sassuolo: ‘I’m taking that chance’,” he concluded.