Don’t waste Parma’s miracle: D’Aversa

The coach of the Serie A team says the trial slowed preparations down, but the team is now ready to play

After being accused of match-fixing, and then giving Emanuele Calaio a four-month ban for sending a joke to an opponent, Parma is expecting a miracle.

The 2018-2019 Serie A season starts for the team today, and coach Roberto D’Aversa talked about what’s coming.

“I have to thank the club for putting together a strong squad that can achieve safety,” he said to Football Italia.

“The trial slowed everything down and it wasn’t easy to work in those conditions. Up until a week ago, we still had doubts as to whether we’d have a points penalty.”

Italy, Serie A, VAR

Serie A admits there are problems with VAR

According to Refereeing designator Nicola Rizzoli, there were six errors during the first three Serie A rounds despite using VAR.

“I am above all curious to see how the game goes. Some players arrived at the last minute and aren’t ready yet,” he added.

“It’ll certainly be a memorable occasion, but the memory we really want is the victory.

“It’ll be different for us, as the fans were getting accustomed to good results in Lega Pro and Serie B, but Serie A is a very different level,” he commented.

“We’re no longer among the favorites and must try not to waste the miraculous achievements of the last three years.”


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