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“Double Delight and Hattrick Heaven” explained

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The betting world has a lot of new games every day aimed at generating profits, so the number of new games, as well as new terms, constantly appear in the search categories of the betting sites.

One of them and the most popular is “Double Delight and Hattrick Heaven” (or abbreviated DDHH). If this is your first time seeing the term, you are just getting started with Fun 88 betting. So please read the article carefully to understand the main principles of the game before you start playing.

Principles of DDHH

  • First step is to pick a first goalscorer, then place a bet on that “first goalscorer” and wait for the result, as below:
  • Double Delight means that if the player you bet scores the first goal of the match and then scores another goal, you will receive twice the amount of the odds.
  • Heaven hat-trick means that when the player you bet scores three consecutive goals, the amount you win will be 3 times the odds.
  • Example: Odds start with 2/1. If the player you bet scores a goal, you get 2/1 odds. If the player you bet on scores two goals, you will receive 4/1. Likewise, if the player you bet scores three goals, you get 6/1.

The stats that give you peace of mind are difficult to find if you do not know the lineups. However, the major tournaments will give you more options with better overview. Remember to follow the betting news to stay updated.

DDHH looks very tempting, but there are risks with this strategy if you only want to bet short term and win fast. This is difficult because you have to choose a player for yourself and pursue his performance continuously. As a result, your account balance should be fair enough to sustain the wager.

The host will pay cash immediately after the match. DDHH betting only includes official time and extra time, but not overtime. For example, if you choose Cristiano Ronaldo and he scores in the 93rd minute of the extra time, it will still be counted in the scoring streak.

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Strategies to play and win a DDHH bet

  • Preparation: Make a list of matches where DDHH can bet. Then check the odds at the Fun88 dealer one hour before the match starts to timely monitor, weigh before placing a bet. This may take a little time but it will certainly give you more safety and peace of mind when placing your bets.
  • Use betting shops: If you are still not experienced and confident enough to bet DDHH, you can contact reputable online betting sites and ask to help bet. This will minimize your risk if you are a beginner.
  • Don’t rush on your way to success: Always bet up to 20% of your available budget. Don’t bet all your money at once because you are sure your bet will be successful. Look at the odds for better judgment.
  • Timing matters: You can choose to delay your bets until near the end of the match and may witness amazing price changes. However, this can happen both ways with the price slippage depending on the situation of the game and the player playing on the field. Therefore, if you are going to delay your betting, you should also consider profit.


In conclusion, Double Delight Hattrick Heaven is not a risk-free bet. However, you should consider when you want to place a bet on this type of betting in order to make a profit quickly. Hopefully, you have learned some useful things from this article and will start finding yourself a DDHH bet shortly. Good luck!