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Dream defensive partner Vidic was “horrible” in practice

Nemanja Vidic
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Nemanja Vidic is described as one part of the dream defensive partnership, but when it came to practice Ben Foster hated his Manchester United teammate.

Nemanja Vidic has been described as one of the best defenders to play in the Premier League. He was part of a center-back partnership with Rio Ferdinand that was arguably one of the best in football.

However, when it came to practice, former Manchester United goalkeeper Ben Foster describes how he hated being on Vidic’s team.

In an interview reported by The Metro, he has a rather harsh analogy of his former teammate as “horrible.”

He said:

“Literally the dream partnership, you’ve got the two extremes of defenders.”

“You’ve got the most elegant, ball-playing, just taking it all in his stride, sort of defender in Rio.”

‘Then you’ve got the absolute workhorse, animal, would happily stick his face in front of a flying boot to stop the ball.”

“It was literally a dream team.”

“Just talking about Nemanja, off the pitch he was fairly quiet, but on the pitch, in training, that guy was a scary bloke, honestly.”

“Horrible, honestly he did not care.”

“If we were playing a five-a-side or six-a-side or something, if you were on his team, I used to think “please don’t be on Nemanja’s team, please don’t.”

“If we didn’t win, if I let a goal in that he thinks I should have done better with, he was letting you know.”

“He would dig you out and he was after everybody. “

“Honestly, he was horrible in training.”

The other half of that dream team recently described his old partner as not just good, but probably the best in the world.