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Drinkwater has been warned by Sean Dyche

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The Burnley manager has warned new signing Danny Drinkwater that he needs to earn a place in the starting lineup for this season.

Danny Drinkwater joined Burnley in the summer on loan from Chelsea.

And at his new club, he has been warned by his coach Sean Dyche that he needs to earn a place in the starting lineup.

“He’s actually come in and he’s fit. We’ve tested him, so he’s more getting used to us. I wasn’t going to throw him in today no matter what,” Dyche told Sky Sports.

“He knows he’s got work now. He’ll have watched that today and he’ll have thought, ‘right, OK, it’s game on’, it’s not just bowling in and getting in the side.”

“Which he wouldn’t think anyway, he’s got a good manner to him and I like the way he’s got an edge,” he added.

“We want the competition. It has to be respectful and I think there’s a bundle of respect here for each other as players.”

“Erik Pieters’s laid down a real marker,” said Dyche.

“He’s come in with that real edge to him. He hasn’t come in expecting to play, equally, he hasn’t come in thinking he’s not going to play, and he’s had a really open mind.”

“With Jay, obviously we’ve got two strikers who were terrific for us last season, both got goals. He’ll get plenty of football, I’m sure of that. I like the combination,” he commented.

“There’s been a lot of noise outside of our camp, to stay focused on the job, as he has done, total respect for him.”