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Dugarry warns that Mbape is becoming like Neymar off the pitch

Mbappe, PSG
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Kylian Mbappe entered the match on Wednesday and scored the perfect hat-trick as a substitute against Club Brugge.

The big French superstar started off the season with a couple of injuries bothering him.

However, Mbappe made it known he’s ready once he scored three goals after starting against Club Brugge on the bench.

And it wasn’t any hattrick either – left foot, right foot, and a header created the perfect hat-trick for PSG’s striker.

After the match, Mbappe commented that the team needed him.

This didn’t sit well with a lot of people including Dugarry. Former Barcelona and Milan player was clearly frustrated with such a statement from Mbappe.

“The rest of his interview was perfect because he talks about his teammates and the team, but this phrase has embarrassed me,” Dugarry said according to Marca.

“Maybe because I’m from another generation and I’m exhausted by football.

“Nowadays the collective is not the priority and you think more about yourself.

“Maybe for Kylian Mbappe it is a bit difficult, but it is as important to be a good man, as well as [being] a great player.

“I’m not saying that Mbappe is not a good guy, but he has already made several such statements about where he is.

“I think he is turning into Neymar.

“I’d rather go out with [Idrissa] Gueye, [Ander] Herrera or [Angel] Di Maria.

“But hey, as I said, I’m afraid my dream is broken with this guy, and I think that things can change quickly to not going well.”

These critics are getting some acceleration, as Mbappe already displayed his individualism on a couple of occasions.

However, with his footballing quality, it’s no wonder that the Frenchman is gaining huge confidence.

As for PSG, the team is dominantly strolling through their Champions League group, collecting nine points in three matches.

The biggest win arrived without Neymar or Mbappe, when PSG beat Real Madrid 3-0.