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Dummett happy with back-to-back wins

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Newcastle United left-back Paul Dummett is delighted with their performance as they defeated AFC Bournemouth for their second successive win in the Premier League.

Salomón Rondón scored a first-half brace as Newcastle beat Bournemouth 2-1 to move up 14th in the Premier League table, and Dummet who captained the home side was proud of their display.

“From start to finish, we created chances. We did sit back a bit and let them have the ball, but we played some good football, and we caused them problems in the way we played,” Dummet told nufc.co.uk.

“We knew their weaknesses, and we tried to play to our strengths and their weaknesses. We created a lot of chances, and it could have been more.

“The full team worked really hard together defending and attacking to make sure we won the game, especially when they were pushing for another goal towards the end.

“Last week, a win was much-needed, and this was the same – especially before the game when we saw that Cardiff had won as well because they’re obviously one of our rivals in the position we’re in.

“But to get back to back wins in the Premier League is difficult. It’s nervy when you’re winning 2-1 because one little mistake or one drop in the box to them can result in a goal.

“But I don’t think we ever felt like we were under loads of pressure to concede, and I think that’s because of the way we are – we work hard together as a team to make sure we’re like that.

“It’s really positive that we got the result going into the international break, and it’ll give us confidence going into the next game after it.”