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Dunne was happy to play with U23 Burnley

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The Clarets youngster was back to the team’s U23 club to step up his fitness after an injury he had while loaned to Hearts.

Jimmy Dunne was injured during his loan with Scottish Premier League team Hearts.

And now, he has returned to football, but only to the U23 team with Burnley.

“It’s the first 90 minutes for a month or so, so I think I needed it just to see where my level of fitness is at,” said Dunne to the club’s official website.

“Without looking too far ahead it was just about getting back right, getting the ankle sorted and getting my fitness back and I think we’re really on the road to that.”

“I remember Longy (Kevin Long) playing with us a few years ago and I was looking up at him,” he added.

“Now there’s a couple of much younger lads and I probably look a bit older to them now, so it’s kind of weird how the tables have turned.”

“But fair play to the lads, they worked really hard and I felt a little bit sorry for them because Sheffield Wednesday only had one shot and it went in and we dominated the game,” he commented.