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Dybala opens up on his ‘scary’ coronavirus experience

Paulo Dybala, Juventus
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Paulo Dybala has shared his experience after he and his girlfriend were tested positive for coronavirus.

After Blaise Matuidi and Daniele Rugani, midfielder Paulo Dybala became the third player Juventus player to be diagnosed with COVID-19 on Tuesday.

The outbreak of the virus has particularly affected Italy with around 105,000 confirmed cases and a little fewer than 12,500 deaths happening due to it.

As a safety measure, Serie A was also suspended followed by the government announcing a strict lockdown forcing the citizens to stay inside their homes until absolutely necessary.

Meanwhile, Dybala earlier assured that he has been feeling better. Talking in an interview with AFA Play, he also admitted that he was scared initially while detailing on his situation.

“I had a bad cough, I felt tired and when I slept, I felt cold. At first, I didn’t think about what it could be but it had happened to two other teammates and the last one was me,” the Argentine said.

“We had headaches, but it was advisable not to take anything. The club gave us vitamins and over time we felt better.

“It’s psychological. You were scared at first, but it’s okay now. These days we haven’t had any symptoms.”