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Dyche believes that Arfield will decide to stay

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Sean Dyche, the Burnley head coach, believes that his key midfielder, Scott Arfield, will decide to sign a new contract and will stay despite numerous clubs being interested in him.

Scott Arfield has been doing really well for Burnley and he has helped his team to play in the first half of the Premier League while being probably the biggest surprise of this season and beating a lot of famous English clubs, for example, Chelsea away from home. To be said, Arfield has been offered a new contract and Dyche hopes that he will decide to sign it as soon as possible…

The talented British coach spoke about one of his key players as he said, according to Sky Sports“We’ve had talks with him. He’s sat tight on an offer so we’ll keep open minds, as will he I hope, to what comes next. I have been [keen for him to stay] for a long time. Scott knows where it all stands, he knows the club’s situation and he’s been a very good player for us and continues to be. He’s got a little injury at the minute but we hope that clears up quickly.”

He also added that now, it is down to Arfield: “We stay in contact with all of the players and their agents; we try and have as open lines of communication as we can with all parties. Every player has a right to decide what their thoughts are on their contractual situation, that’s football. Both parties have to agree, that’s what it comes down to.”

In the end, Sean Dyche claimed that he has been very happy with the new arrival, N’Koudou: “We’ll make a decision on whether we think he should start or be on the bench, but he’ll be involved. He’s been bright in training and I think he’s got a thirst for it because he’s waited a long time. He’s had moments at Tottenham but they’ve got a very deep squad so I think he’s had to wait for his and try to earn his chance but that hasn’t come around.”