Dyche is hopeful Burnley can grow soon

Burnley’s manager Sean Dyche hopes his team can do well in the rest of the English Premier League season.

Burnley is currently sitting in the 17th position of the English Premier League table.

The team has 24 points, thanks to six victories, six draws, and 13 defeats.

And for manager Sean Dyche the rest of the 2018-2019 can be very good for the team if they manage to grow.

“The squad is coming back together and we just want that to continue now,” he told the club’s official website.

“If we can get through the Brighton game intact, at least we have that little break which hopefully allows more players to chance to get more training and more strength under their belt.”

“Sometimes, when you come back, you need the strength training and conditioning, but you also need that little bit of luck to stay injury free for a period until your body balances again,” he explained.

“We have had players just get there, then break down and that’s been frustrating, but I think they are on their way back now.”

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“It all has to come together at some point and I’m very pleased that the signs are strong at the moment,” he said.

“Six games unbeaten in the Premier League is not easy and the mentality of those performances has been key.”

“It shows there is a strength to us, which we’ve always had, but now it’s coming back and you can sense it,” he continued.

“People are going the extra inches that count and sometimes it’s hard to define what makes that work, or not work.

“I’m pleased to say though that at the moment the players are showing strong signs of that mentality,” he commented.

“We’ve had our challenges, but we have earned the right to get those results, but we know we have to go again and the mentality is getting stronger to do that.

“Every game that comes our way, we are looking clear-minded again,” Dyche concluded.


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