The team will play against Chelsea tomorrow night, but they need to win if they don’t want to slip closer to the relegation zone.

Burnley is currently in the 15th position of the English Premier League table with 39 points.

They are just eight points ahead of Cardiff City, who could be the last team to be relegated after Fulham and Huddersfield Town already booked their tickets to the Championship.

Which is why manager Sean Dyche has urged his players to focus on the match against Chelsea and continue with their hopes of salvation alive.

“I deal in facts. That is the currency that I use to keep myself right,” he was quoted by the team’s official website.

“If my mind is clear, why wouldn’t I make sure the players’ are, and factually there isn’t anything done yet.”

He added: “People will throw at us the stats and a lot of the background facts, and of course we are aware of all that, but we have made a big marker in my time here of earning everything ourselves and not relying on others.”

“If others do you a favor, so be it, but we want to take control of our own situation.”

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“We’ve done that for six and a half years and we have a chance again, over these next four games, starting at Chelsea, to do that,” Dyche continued.

“When you look at their squad they have some very, very good players. On the other hand, we’ve been competitive pretty much all season, and particularly so in the second half, and we want to continue that.”

“Sometimes you need these teams to have a quiet night, but in balance, you need to control the controllables and that means being organized and in the right shape, physically and mentally, to go and take on the challenge,” he concluded.


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