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Eamon Dunphy talks about Roy Keane drinking problem


The Irish media personality revealed that Roy Keane wasn’t an easy person to manage when he was drunk but gave him credit for sorting out his issues.

Roy Keane was a larger than life character while at Manchester United. Leading the team by example, the Irishman always gave his all on the pitch. However, there was a time when the combative midfielder had a drinking problem which threatened to derail his career.

And Eamon Dunphy says that Roy Keane once ended up in a cell due to that while speaking on a podcast as reported by the Express.

“When he [Keane] used to drink he could be aggressive and get into trouble,” he said.

“On one occasion in Manchester, the players were out for drinks and he ended up in a cell. [Alex] Ferguson got up and went into the centre of Manchester and got him out of the cell and took him home.

Dunphy however said that Roy Keane eventually took care of his habits. The Irish TV personality also spoke about a cultural shock Roy Keane witnessed when the team signed the likes of Eric Cantona and Laurent Blanc.

“To Roy Keane’s great credit, as someone who had a problem with drink, he stopped. And the problem stopped. He said one of the shocking things for him was Cantona and Laurent Blanc coming to play with United.

“He said that in the old days with the Bryan Robson gang, they’d get back to Manchester after a match at 9.30pm. They’d be in their cars and straight to the pub.

“All of a sudden, Laurent Blanc comes, Cantona comes, they get back to Manchester and they’re all in their cars and going home.

“They wouldn’t even have a drink on the coach like a bottle of beer. He said that was a kind of culture shock but he learnt from that and was impressed by it, which was interesting.”