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Easy sports betting strategies

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Before applying sports betting strategies, you should familiarize yourself with the basic financial risk management techniques on the Bet On website USSportsbonus.

Experienced players, betting on sports, control themselves with financial management tools borrowed on the stock exchange.

Financial betting strategies

  • Flat
  • Fixed percentage of the game bank
  • Dogon
  • Fixed profit
  • Kelly criterion


In sports, the financial aspects of betting came from the casino and the stock market, when mathematicians developed theories for a successful game. The developments have been successfully integrated into the strategies of financial betting systems.

A game with a fixed bet amount is called a flat. The effectiveness of the strategy has been proven by more than one generation of players. Flat is a stable way to minimize risks when using a betting strategy for any sport.

The amount of the bet does not depend on the gain or loss of the game bank. If the strategy is profitable, then at a distance flat closes losing positions.

Fixed percentage of the bank

A fixed percentage of the bank is a betting method used by experienced bettors. Unlike flat, with the growth of the game bank, the amount increases, with drawdowns it decreases.

The game at the minimum percentage brings a positive result. Professionals recommend not exceeding the amount per rate of 5% of the current bank.


A significant proportion of live strategies are tailored to catch-up. Dogon is a tempting but dangerous path for gamblers. The classic concept of catch-up in betting is similar to the Martingale system. If you lose, the bettor increases the bet amount to win back the previous minus.

In practice, it is better to use soft catch with a fixed number of iterations. After a series of lesions, the bettor proceeds to the first step of the iteration.

From a financial point of view, catching up with a strategy in more than three steps is not profitable. If the sports betting technique has a low chance of success, then it is better to refuse to use catch-up.

Regardless of the ratio, bettors plan a profit on each bet coupon. The fixed profit methodology is similar to the classic flat.

The working tool of financial betting was the Kelly formula, which takes into account the probability of the outcome of the event when determining the amount of the bet. Bettor independently determines the percentage probability of the outcome of a sports event. With a high probability of betting – the amount increases, while low – decreases.

Kelly system

The Kelly system strategy is suitable for experienced players who know how to work with probabilities. The size of profit or drawdowns of the game bank depends on the correct assessment.

There are a number of financial strategies that allow the rational use of funds. The basis for their creation was the classic Dogon (Martingale), therefore, the financial instruments are carefully treated by the financial instruments of Labusher, Jifen, Dalamber, Schukin and other rates.

After studying management, the bettor gets acquainted with the methods of betting on the types of sports.

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Working sports betting strategies

  • Hunting for goals and totals.
  • Bet on the meeting favorites.
  • Profitable live session.
  • Unidentified outsider.
  • Corridors and forks.

The betting system on goals and totals is a priority for most bettors. Sports rarely do without an effective game. Understanding the essence of what is happening in the match, to determine the likely total of the meeting is a matter of technology. Sports betting on favorites will be a profitable offer in the market of the main outcomes of the meeting. Determining who is in optimal shape is not difficult. In this novice player, it is best to rely on tennis because tournaments on it are held on different continents, regardless of the season. In addition, betting professionals have already developed a large number of useful sports betting strategies, especially for tennis bets.

A whole arsenal of betting techniques is sharpened for live sessions. The right strategy for live is a guarantee of a profitable game at a distance.

Sometimes the analysts of the betting company are mistaken with the favorite of the meeting. Experienced players identify bias, betting on the opposite outcome at inflated odds.

Riskless bets include forks and corridors. Arbitrage players use the lines of two (or more) bookmakers to receive a fixed profit regardless of the outcome of the confrontation.

Sports betting tactics

When a beginner made his first bet and lost, then he probably begins to think that the betting industry is a divorce and a waste of money. But professional bettors do not think so, because betting is a job that, like any other profession, requires experience, patience, concentration and concentration. Successful cappers compiled a list of secrets, as well as phenomena that you need to turn a blind eye to when betting. In order not to repeat mistakes, you need to remember the following.

Take your losses calmly

You must be prepared for the fact that all bets will not be winning. Losses can ruin your mood, but you should not be exposed to negative emotions. In financial matters, anyone is afraid to lose. That is why the expression “cowardly money.”

Victory can be dangerous

When you are a beginner and the first results in your sports betting were positive, you may be exposed to false self-confidence. Surely easy money can persuade any person to the idea that he is exceptional and will continue to be lucky for him. That is why there is no need to rush to increase the amount of bets, otherwise you will lose everything quickly.

Do not blindly trust the odds

Every year, betting companies earn millions of dollars because of the greed of their customers. Having seen attractive odds, not only beginners, but also experienced cappers can depart from a pre-selected strategy. In this case, the bettor does not even understand if there are at least some chance of winning.

Forget about betting on your favorite team

If you are a fan of a sport, then you probably have a favorite team or athlete. You want him to win at a subconscious level, so overestimate his capabilities. Thus, you cannot objectively evaluate the strength of your beloved team, therefore, you do not need to bet on it.

Recycling in betting – collapse of everything

If you work at a factory, office or store, processing is paid to you and financially you win. But if you start betting with Stakhanov’s methods in bookmakers, then you will probably bring the time of losing your bank closer. You cannot earn all the money, so learn to relax. If you do not do this, then you will not have the strength to analyze – the bets will be placed on luck, and therefore you will not become a more successful bookmaker.

The best sports betting strategy with minimal risk

A good solution for a profitable game is a goal in the first half of a football match. Although the network there are other working sports betting strategies that show an acceptable result.

According to statistics, in 7 out of 10 matches they score a goal in the first half. Betting in the middle of the first game segment is more profitable. Since the coefficient by this time reaches an acceptable value.

The combination of flat with the method of betting “Goal in the first half” will be the best option for profitable bets. The maximum result is achieved through preliminary selection and analysis of matches. This is a great advantage for hockey: here they often score goals, earn deletions. Therefore, he has much more options for analysis than in football murals. Studying the relevant material from the section on hockey bets will be of great benefit to the bettor.

For success, as in any other sport, a thorough approach is needed with the study of statistics, calendar, the form of teams and leaders.

Statistical resources help identify the most successful tournaments and teams. When betting on algorithms, the bettor must understand the degree of personal responsibility for the result.