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Eden Hazard finally scores his first goal for Real Madrid

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It happened against Red Bull Salzburg during one of the last friendly matches of the pre-season, Eden Hazard finally scored for Real Madrid.

It took him a while but Eden Hazard can finally say that he scored his first goal for Real Madrid, the Belgian player got the winner in Los Blancos’ friendly vs Red Bull Salzburg on Wednesday.

Los Blancos are just finishing this very troubled pre-season under manager Zinedine Zidane, they only had two more friendly matches to play before the start of La Liga a week and a half from today.

The squad traveled to Austria for this match against the Red Bull Salzburg, they will also travel to Italy for the last match against AS Roma on Sunday.

Zidane keeps working hard to find his best-possible starting eleven for the upcoming debut in Balaidos against Celta de Vigo.

The idea was to finally give some minutes to players who still were recovering from the summer activity, one of those players was Casemiro.

The Brazilian midfielder won the Copa America and needed more time than the rest of his teammates to get in shape, he played the whole first half today and his presence made the biggest difference.

This squad is one with Casemiro and another one without him.

Contrary to other matches, Real Madrid really dominated their opponent knowing that the Brazil international was there to recover most of the balls in midfield.

With this sense of security, Real Madrid was finally able to get comfortable on the pitch.

Eden Hazard was the other hero of the evening.

The key moment of the match came during the first half, Eden Hazard received a deep pass from Karim Benzema and he had plenty of time to maneuver.

The Belgian international was quick on his feet and he released a potent strike to the far corner.

This was Hazard’s first-ever goal for Los Blancos, one that took a minute but it finally arrived.

The rest of the first half was filled with opportunities for Los Blancos but they couldn’t get that second goal, Zidane would only give them that much time to score again.

For the second half, it was obvious that many substitutions would come on both sides.

‘Zizou’ made a total of six for Real Madrid, everything changed after that, Los Blancos were suddenly back to the mid-level squad they have been for most of the pre-season.

However, the biggest difference today was the result. Zidane’s boys could protect the victory and they finished on top thanks to Eden Hazard’s great goal.

This ending to the penultimate friendly of the pre-season fills all the players with confidence ahead of next Sunday’s last match against AS Roma.

After that, Los Blancos will officially begin the season in La Liga.

Eden Hazard keeps getting bullied.

We recently wrote about the terrible idea that is making fun of Eden Hazard’s weight, the Belgian player has always maintained this aspect and he’s had no problems at Chelsea.

All the people who keep talking shit about this player due to his current aspect, will eventually have to swallow their words.

There is no doubt that Eden Hazard is better than 90% of the players in La Liga, he will carry Real Madrid forward as Cesc Fabregas pointed out earlier today.

This goal is only the beginning of a beautiful story between a player who always dreamed of becoming Los Blancos’ star, and a club that tried to sign him for years until they completed the deal.

Regardless of who else comes to Real Madrid, Eden Hazard will be one of the best players of this squad during his debut season.

Zinedine Zidane has never been worried about this player’s quality, there is no chance that he won’t surprise the whole world with his incredible talent.

And also, Hazard can rest a little easier today knowing that he finally scored his first goal as a Real Madrid player.

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