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Eden Hazard has reached a decision about his future

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According to a statement given to RMC, Belgian winger Eden Hazard revealed that he has finally made a decision about his future but didn’t disclose it.

The current season must be very difficult for Belgian winger Eden Hazard, he’s had to deal with the never-ending harassment from the media because everybody wants to know what he will decide in regards to his future.

The Chelsea FC player has been flirting with Real Madrid for a few seasons now, he is determined to someday play for Los Blancos and his plan has been working great so far.

But there is one small detail that has prevented Eden Hazard from actually making his move to the Spanish giants, the club hasn’t really made a definitive move to get the Chelsea star and he has only wasted precious time that could’ve been used for performing better this season under manager Maurizio Sarri.

The Italian boss has repeatedly called Hazard out for being so distracted with the whole situation with Real Madrid, they have already started to become more distant and this has only affected the club’s results during the last couple of months.

The Blues began the season with a very promising set of good performances, but things suddenly started to fall apart at the same time that Eden Hazard began to disappear from matches.

Now that some time has passed and the winter transfer window came to an end, the player realized that he wasn’t really a top priority for Real Madrid and revealed that he has made a final decision about his future.

This choice won’t be announced specifically until a little bit of time has passed, the player just spoke to a journalist from RMC and told him that he has already made up his mind.

Right after the news outlet disclosed the information, Hazard himself asked them to remove it but it was already too late.

Eden’s words to a good friend journalist of his were already reported by several media outlets, including Goal: “I know what I am going to do. I have made a decision,” said the player in a private conversation that wasn’t reported off-the-record as Hazard believed at first.

While there still hasn’t been a confirmation about what the player will actually do next summer, we can already give you an idea about it because of the previously mentioned articles we’ve written about this whole situation.

Eden wanting to play for Real Madrid is a fact, but he won’t go to extreme lengths anymore for a club that hasn’t really shown the maximum interest in him.

The idea was for Real Madrid to come to sign him during the last winter transfer window, the player’s strategy from the beginning was to push for his exit through several public statements that confirmed his burning desire to play for Los Blancos but president Florentino Perez didn’t proceed with any actions after this happened.

This final indifference from the Spanish giants has completely discouraged Eden Hazard, he doesn’t think the club has made the same type of effort he made during the most crucial time and he may have finally decided to finish his career at Chelsea.

Apart from Real Madrid, there is no other club that has piqued Eden Hazard’s interest to continue his career.

Chelsea is the only place where he wants to remain now that Los Blancos have apparently decided to no pursue his transfer, Eden Hazard is deeply disappointed and doesn’t want to keep talking about this possibility until next summer.

The doors remain open for Real Madrid in the future, but the Belgian player will not put himself out there anymore as he did during the previous transfer window.


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