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Eden Hazard is the FIFA 20 cover star

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Real Madrid footballer Eden Hazard is in the FIFA 20 cover in the standard version. The Champions League version will be for Virgil van Dijk.

Eden Hazard has yet to debut officially with Real Madrid and he will already represent them in a very important place: the FIFA 20 cover.

The Belgian superstar has been chosen by EA Sports as the new face of the video game for the next edition.

The former Chelsea footballer will only be featured on the standard edition of the video game, as the Champions League edition will have another player in front.

Dutch player Virgil van Dijk will be the face of the UEFA Champions League FIFA 20 edition after his team won the 2018-2019 European campaign.

There have been 26 covers since EA Sports started putting footballers on the front of the game.

Last year, Juventus superstar Cristiano Ronaldo was part of a global campaign for the videogame, but his face was substituted mid-season after an alleged rape accusation.

EA Sports was quick to remove all references to the Bianconeri attacker.