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Eden Hazard won’t stop flirting with Real Madrid

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During a recent interview with France Football, Eden Hazard spoke again about the possibility of leaving Chelsea and going to Real Madrid.

As the winter transfer window keeps going in Europe and Real Madrid still hasn’t signed their star player, Belgian winger Eden Hazard is still sending smoke signals in any way he can.

The Chelsea star just granted a new interview with France Football, where he discussed several topics that concern the readers and his fans.

One of the most interesting topics was the lack of trust he has always felt from all his managers, he feels that he is the one who lets them down because they place their trust in him and he always disappoints.

It happened with Antonio Conte, it also happened with Jose Mourinho during the second year that the Portuguese manager coached the squad.

And now under Antonio Conte, Hazard feels that he is letting the Italian manager down as well.

The Belgian winger possibly feels like he’s done all he can for the club, which is why he may be considering a possible change of scenery to a club such as Real Madrid.

Los Blancos already know that Eden’s price-tag is around €100 million and they would be willing to pay.

But just in case the Spanish club is having second thoughts, Hazard does send the occasional message that could encourage Real Madrid of going after his services during the transfer window.

“I have won everything in England, apart from the Community Shield, but that doesn’t mean that I’m leaving,” he said.

“I have always said that I wanted to explore something different after England. But there are also things that might make me stay.”

“After the World Cup, I wanted to leave, but in the end I stayed at Chelsea and I’m playing one of best seasons so far.”

“So I don’t think that I need a different challenge. But that doesn’t mean that I will become better.”

“Would I like to sign for Real Madrid? Why not? You already know the answer to that, you are the one asking the question but you know the answer.”

“That means that you don’t really have to ask. No, I’ve never had news from Zidane. If he went to Manchester United tomorrow, for example, I wouldn’t go there. Real Madrid without Zidane is different, but it still is Real Madrid,” he added.

There are still no confirmations about Eden Hazard’s possible transfer from Chelsea to Real Madrid, but the winger has already stated that he would only leave the Blues if they agreed on a fair price with Real Madrid.

Any other club that would like to sign Hazard any time soon would have a very difficult time doing it because the player doesn’t really like any other club apart from Los Blancos.

This latest interview on France Football is yet another proof that Eden Hazard’s wishes are crystal clear, he wants to wear the white uniform and he will try everything he can to accomplish his dream.

Florentino Perez is the one who has to decide now, spending €100 million doesn’t seem as crazy as the €200 million price tag for Neymar or the insane €350 million price tag for Harry Kane.

Los Blancos are no longer on the market to buy the most expensive players in the world, they want to buy good players at a fair price. Hazard is one of those players, he is one of the best in the world after all.

Why do you think Real Madrid is taking so long to sign Eden Hazard from Chelsea? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.