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Edson Alvarez’ former coach knows he will have a lot of success in Europe

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For Miguel ‘Piojo’ Herrera Ajax is gaining a great footballer, while Club America is losing one important piece of the squad.

It’s official, Mexican defender Edson Alvarez is joining the Dutch Eredivisie with AFC Ajax.

The 21-year-old is said to be the replacement for Matthijs de Ligt, who just joined Juventus in the Italian Lega Serie A.

But in the middle of all the happiness surrounding the first Mexican at Ajax, his former coach knows it will hurt his club’s chances, but he wishes him the best.

“As I say, I’m very happy for him, for the footballer that’s leaving,” Club America manager Miguel ‘Piojo’ Herrera told reporters today.

“He has grown so much since he started playing for America. One can see the result of that growth, that determination to get obtain a new result in his career.”

Herrera added: “I’m very happy for him, I’m very happy for the coach, but we lose an important piece of our squad. I believe he deserves it.”

“He’s at a great moment to emigrate; the people that represent him have really taken a good decision to continue his career growth.”

“And the only thing we can say to him is that we wish him all the success in the world,” the coach said.

The former Mexican national team boss explained: “We want him to continue having the same attitude he showed in Mexico, both in America as well as the national team, this will surely take him to the biggest stages.”

“And he will go as far as he wants because I think he’s a guy who doesn’t have any limits and that continues growing every day, and he shows that maturity every day.”

“All the success in the world for Edson and America is letting an important piece from its youth system go,” he said.

“But we want to give him the chance to grow.”

“And we want to continue showing that we’re working on our youth system, even if people believe we are a team made up of foreign players, by promoting good Mexican footballers,” Herrera concluded.