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Ejangue issues apology to Lionesses’ Duggan

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The Cameroon defender spat Duggan in the arm during their 3-0 defeat in Sunday’s Round of 16 match in Valenciennes.

During the 3-0 loss against England, Cameroon defender Augustine Ejangue spat on Toni Duggan’s arm.

And today the Cameroonian footballer has issued a letter to apologize.

“I would like to publicly apologize to Toni Duggan for the incident in our Women’s World Cup match against England three days ago,” Ejangue said according to Goal.

“I don’t mean this and no harm intended. I simply spit without looking and I’m very sorry to Toni for this incident.”

“I have the utmost respect for her as a professional and wish her to go as possible with her national team and in her club career,” she added.

“During the match, I apologized and explained what happened immediately to the match official, and I looked for Toni after the match outside the locker room but didn’t see her, unfortunately.”

“I have played professionally in Europe for the last nine years as a defender in the top leagues in Denmark, Spain, Norway, Russia, and in Champions League,” she continued.

“I also played in the Olympic Game in London, In World Cup in Canada and now in France and in multiple African Championships.

“I have never been sent off and never had any discipline issues. I have the highest respect for the referees and all my fellow professionals. I’m sorry for this incident,” Ejangue concluded.