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El Clasico facing new uncertainties over scheduling issue

Camp Nou, Barcelona
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Spanish Football Federation decided to schedule El Clasico to be played on December 18 after the match was postponed from the original October 26.

El Clasico was supposed to be played this Saturday, as Camp Nou was preparing to host Real Madrid.

However, the match was postponed due to protests in Catalonia which raised some security concerns among the league directors.

After a while, the Spanish Federation came to the conclusion that the match will be played on December 18.

MADRID, SPAIN – MAY 02: Gerard Pique (L) of Barcelona celebrates with Dani Alves after scoring Barcelona’s sixth goal during the La Liga match between Real Madrid and Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium on May 2, 2009 in Madrid, Spain. (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images)

Spain is known for many things, but a great organization isn’t one of them.

Spanish football federation isn’t excluded as La Liga is now complaining about the new date as it collides with Copa del Rey fixtures.

La Liga wants the match to be played on December 4. In the official announcement, La Liga published:

“La Liga doesn’t agree with the competition committee’s decision to stipulate 18 December – after an agreement was reached between Barcelona and Real Madrid, despite La Liga’s objections – as the date in which the postponed Clasico should be played.

“We are studying the documentation that we have recently received regarding the process in which the decision was taken.

“This is in order to evaluate taking possible legal action and against whom it should be tabled, before the relevant and opportune public organisations or legal organisms.”

As a reminder, the protests started due to the court decision to put Catalan separatist leaders in jail for 13 years.

The outrage was somewhat expected, given that the similar protests took place two years ago, when Barca played Las Palmas in an empty Camp Nou.