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Elliot modeling himself around Liverpool five

Harvey Elliot
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There are plenty of role models in Liverpool’s first team and Harvey Elliot is soaking everything he can from their life experiences.

A special team was needed to end Liverpool’s thirst of the Premier League title. It took thirty years but the wait is over now. 

Now, this team is paving the way for their youth academy graduates. Georginio Wijnaldum stated his hopes from the rising stars and shared he will help them in their progress. 

The youngsters know the task lying ahead of them and are learning from the record breakers. They are not content with having one role model and are learning from everyone. 

One of such youngsters, Harvey Elliot, reflected that he is learning from not one but modeling himself around the traits of five Liverpool first-team players. 

“All us youngsters can learn so much from the likes of Millie (Milner) and Hendo (Henderson); two experienced pros who always give 100 percent every single day,” Mirror quoted Elliott.

“They don’t drink and they’re always professional with how they lead their lives. You can see that in the great shape they’re in.”

“They don’t just want to be the best they possibly can be themselves but they also want to get the best out of everyone around them. Every day, I learn something new.”

“Adam Lallana helped me a lot and it was a shame to see him go. I’m usually in the gym at the same time as Sadio and Mo, and they give me a lot of advice.”

“If I’m doing a particular weight and it’s looking too easy, then Sadio or Mo will be over to push me with a different weight to make it harder. If I’m doing exercises with the band, they’ll be over to make sure my body is in the right position.”