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Emerson remembers how he started playing football

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The Chelsea Italian player debuted at age 16 and he remembers playing alongside Neymar at club Santos in Brazil.

Emerson Palmieri was born in Brazil, but he’s part of the Italian national team and Chelsea in the English Premier League.

And in a talk to the club’s official website, he remembered his first steps in the world of football.

“I grew up in Santos in Brazil. I played for my school in many regional tournaments. It wasn’t anything particularly organized but it was just to have fun,” he said.

“I played five-a-side until I was 14. I was like the no.10 behind the attacker. Then when I was 15 I joined Santos, one of the biggest clubs in Brazil.”

“When I signed for Santos I started as a central midfielder going up and down, but then they told me I had the technical quality to play left-back or right-back.”

He explained: “I made my debut for Santos in 2011. I was 16 years old.”

“It was a game we were winning 3-0, and when the manager called me I couldn’t really believe it!”

“There were very important players on the pitch such as Neymar, and my whole family was in the stands. I couldn’t believe it,” he said.

“And to play with Neymar at that time? It was very, very easy!”