Emery: English clubs care more about the Premier League

Arsenal manager Unai Emery was recently in a managers’ UEFA forum, where he explained why English clubs value the Premier League so much.

There is a general conversation when you hear any English club manager speak about the importance of the Premier League above all other competitions, Arsenal manager Unai Emery has the perfect explanation for why this is.

England is not the same as Spain, the clubs from La Liga always value the Champions League above the domestic competition and they have dominated European football for the last decade.

English clubs have lost a lot of power lately because of how competitive the clubs from Spain have become, this is the reason that Unai Emery gave to explain why England values the Premier League above all else.

“For English clubs, the Premier League is their most important competition,” said Emery in a managers’ UEFA forum that he shared with managers Luis Garcia, Mauricio Pochettino, and Gregorio Manzano quoted by Diario AS.

“They also want to win the Champions League, but they have stumbled upon two other squads, now three with Atleti, that have established themselves at the top.”

“Those are the squads that fight to win the Champions League. Now, they didn´t give any importance to the Europa League in the past, it was too much of a sacrifice for them.”

“But the new rule that gives you a direct Champions League ticket if you win the competition was very important, it gave the tournament an extra level of excitement,” he added.

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“We’ve had this rule for the last four years and Liverpool, Manchester United, and Arsenal have offered great performances during the last few seasons.”

“But I have to say that English culture is winning the Premier League, the Champions League, and then the Europa League is only for clubs that really need it.”

“Burnley played the Europa League’s previous stage and they got eliminated, even if they had the level to continue playing it. I try to tell my players this year, that the Europa League is very important for us.”


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