Emery is not himself when his team loses

The Spanish manager says he needs a positive person around him when Arsenal loses because he is not himself.

Arsenal was defeated by Manchester United 3-1 a week ago in the FA Cup Fourth Round.

And for Gunners coach Unai Emery, this means he’s not himself when he loses, as he changes into a very negative person.

“Like when I push the players positively when we lose, I need a person around me to be positive for me,” he told Sky Sports.

“The first 24 hours after I lose the match I am not Unai Emery. Every time I am saying: ‘It is not good, it is not good’.”

“Usually 24 hours after, and when I watch the match again on video, is the moment I can stand up and continue to find a new ambition, and new motivation to do better,” Emery explained.

He was also asked how he’s feeling managing in the English Premier League and how he’s coping with language learning.

“It is competitive, and I love very much the atmosphere in each stadium, and when we play away there are a lot traveling with us, the Arsenal supporters,” Emery continued.

“The atmosphere is very big, and the stadiums are full every match.”

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“We feel the big, special moments each match. In our own stadium and also when we are away because we are well supported,” he commented.

“It’s not brilliant! I can speak, I can communicate, and then I watched a lot of TV programmes, and Peaky Blinders is good for me because it is very deep English from Birmingham!”

“I am watching now with the subtitling, reading and listening to the English,” he concluded.


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