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Emile Heskey opens up on fight with depression

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Emile Heskey has revealed that his four year spell at Liverpool also coincided with depression as he felt homesick after joining the club.

While he did have a stellar career at Liverpool, Emile Heskey says that the initial six months of his move to Anfield saw him fight depression.

The former England international had a tough start to his Reds career and says that he felt homesick.

“It lasted six months,” Heskey told The Guardian. “I had to grow up very quickly because I had kids, I had a girlfriend. I literally laid on the floor and started crying. I was like, ‘What have I done? I don’t know if I have done the right thing’.

“But the weirdest thing was I’d go to training [and] I would be all right.

“Then like a drop of a hat I found a barber, I found friends, a routine. Yes, it was a tough time but it was weird, I was silly and looking back you think, ‘Why didn’t you just go and sit with mates?’”

While he did have his fair share of critics over the years, Heskey says that he was never bothered by people trying to undermine him.

“I play for the team; it wasn’t anything that really bothered me.

“I know [some] forwards will go out and if [the team] score five and they don’t, they are fuming. I don’t care. I still got to the top 1 per cent or whatever of the game.

“Your son is eight,” he explained. “So if I tell you by the age of 24 he would’ve represented England youth all the way through, would have made his debut at 17 and gone to three cup finals in four years for his hometown team, then been sold for a record to Liverpool – one of the biggest clubs in the world; then he’d go on to win the treble [FA Cup, League Cup, UEFA Cup] that first season, represent England at two World Cups, in the European Championships, and play in one of England’s most memorable games to date, winning God knows, six or seven trophies by the age of 24, how would you feel?”