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Emile Heskey slams David De Gea for theatrics

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Former Liverpool striker Emile Heskey has lambasted David De Gea for faking an injury during England’s UEFA Nations League defeat to Spain at Wembley.

The Spanish shot-stopper jumped and caught a loose clearance from Sergio Ramos before landing on Danny Welbeck.

Welbeck capitalised on the opportunity to slot home the equaliser before it was ruled out.

De Gea laid on the turf for some time and was treated by Spain’s medical staff.

England skipper Harry Kane hit out at the Dutch referee and claimed he “bottled it”.

And Heskey has backed up the striker’s comments suggesting he was disappointed by the former Rojiblancos keeper.

“Very disappointed, I don’t think he [Welbeck] did anything wrong,” Heskey told talkSPORT.

“He can’t go anywhere can he? It’s not like he pushed him or put his arms up or anything, he stood there.

“He [De Gea] came down on top of him and the worst thing for me is feigning an injury afterwards.