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Emre Can revealed what Klopp told him before leaving Liverpool

during the Barclays Premier League match between Manchester City and Liverpool at Etihad Stadium on November 21, 2015 in Manchester, England.

Now that he is playing for Juventus, midfielder Emre Can spoke about the farewell words that Jürgen Klopp told him before leaving Liverpool.

As one of Juventus’ first transfers during this new Ronaldo era, German midfielder Emre Can believed that former manager Jürgen Klopp would react differently to him leaving Liverpool. In past seasons, the Reds have always been reluctant to let their best players leave the club and have even established difficult relationships with other clubs because of their attempts to take their starring players.

Knowing that Jürgen Klopp’s reactions have changed for the better is something that nobody expected, but now that Liverpool is actually a title contender for every single tournament they play it’s only natural that he feels okay with letting some of his players leave the club without throwing a tantrum like he used to back in his Borussia Dortmund days or just a couple of years ago in Liverpool.

When asked by BBC Sports about Jürgen Klopp’s farewell, Emre had nothing but praise for the German manager: “My relationship with Klopp was always good. He wished me all the best when I told him I was leaving. Not a lot of managers would let you play so many times when you are in the final year of your contract. But I always did my best. I always wanted to help the team. That is what he saw. That is why he kept faith with me,” said the now Juventus midfielder.

When asked about playing alongside Cristiano Ronaldo, Emre also said: “It is amazing to play with such a big player like Ronaldo, maybe the best player in the world. You only have to see what he did in the last few years and how many goals he scored. It is nice we are going to be on the same team, although the other teams in Italy are not so happy about that.”