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England fails against the Netherlands in the Nations League

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A brace from Promes gave the Netherlands the victory against England during extra time in the UEFA Nations League second semifinal.

The second UEFA Nations League semifinal match took place this Thursday between England and the Netherlands.

It was arguably one of the most exciting international matches of the year, we had two of the most competitive squads in the world going at it for a ticket to the final.

Portugal had already won the first semifinal after a Cristiano Ronaldo hat-trick against Switzerland, they were only waiting for this match to know who they were playing next weekend.

Manager Gareth Southgate decided to leave Harry Kane on the bench for this match, he gave Raheem Sterling the captain’s armband but he would use the Tottenham player during the second half.

Up front, England had an attacking trio formed by Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho, and Sterling.

The Netherlands only had Depay up front because Holland is quite limited, they have incredible midfielders and defenders but they don’t really have great attacking players right now.

We were getting a match in which the Dutch would dominate the possession but England only needed a single moment to score a goal.

The quick attacking arsenal Southgate had, gave him enough confidence to believe that reaching the final was possible.

The standout player of the game was 19-year-old Matthijs de Ligt, he started the match as the villain and finished it as the hero.

Defensive mistakes of a teenager.

At around the 30th minute of the first half, De Ligt attempted to clear a ball with Marcus Rashford breathing down his neck.

The youngster felt the pressure and decided to make a reckless tackle that didn’t end up well for him.

The referee decided to call the penalty on the Three Lions’ favor, Rashford was the one who stepped up to the spot and scored an easy goal for England.

De Ligt’s face right after the English scored the first goal of the match was pure anger, he seemed like he wanted retribution for his own mistake.

The first half ended with the same result, a 1-0 advantage for England that was still very hard to call for either side.

Even during the second half, none of both squads seemed to have a massive upper advantage against the rival.

However, Matthijs de Ligt was hell-bent on at least making up for his dumb defensive mistake.

With 17 minutes left on the clock, the youngster scored an impressive header during a corner kick that gave Holland the equalizer and a breath of fresh air.

This type of personality is exactly the reason why every European club wants to sign this young player.

De Ligt gave his teammates a lifeline that extended itself until the last minutes of the match.

Controversial calls from the referee.

During the final minutes of the game, England scored the second goal through Jesse Lingard but the ref disallowed the goal after confirming an offside through VAR.

The final minutes gave the match an extra point of drama, the Netherlands claimed a penalty after a handball inside England’s box but the ref didn’t call it after checking VAR.

It appeared that we would get another 30 minutes of excitement, that’s exactly what we got after 97 minutes of the game.

Extra time gave us a Netherlands squad that played way more focused than England, the Three Lions gave up the match due to two horrible defensive mistakes.

John Stones was the player who will be signaled as the man who prevented England from winning another trophy.

The first one came after the Manchester City defender failed to control a ball near the box and Depay managed to take it.

Jordan Pickford made a fantastic save after Memphis’ shot but Promes reached the rebound to score the winning goal.

The second extra time saw Stones making a second mistake that also gave Depay a chance to assist Promes for Holland’s third goal.

The final result was 3-1 thanks to those two defensive mistakes, England will play Switzerland for the third place and Holland will face Portugal in the final.

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