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England squashes Montenegro with a different starting XI

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The England National Team keeps proving they have an impressive roster, they dominated Montenegro with a different squad and many goals.

The England National Team is currently going through one of the best moments in modern history, they proved that they are a formidable opponent against Montenegro on Monday as they came back from an initial 1-0 deficit in spectacular fashion.

Manager Gareth Southgate proved once again that he currently has one of the most competitive and complete rosters in the world, after he decided to leave several players on the bench but keep his base for this match.

The gaffer decided to leave key players like Jordan Henderson, Jadon Sancho, and Kieran Tripper.

He did this in order to give other players such as youngster Callum Hodson-Odoi, Michael Keane, or Ross Barkley a chance to shine and none of them disappointed.

The big standout of the game was Barkley himself, who responded to the initial Vesovic goal from Montenegro with an assist to Keane from a set-piece before the first half hour of the game.

The goal from the locals was actually quite spectacular, but it was only good to anger the English squad and they really came after their opponent soon after that.

Keane was only starting a smashing performance by the Three Lions, that was destined to give them their second consecutive victory on this UEFA EURO 2020 Qualifier.



Just like Jadon Sancho did during the last match against the Czech Republic, Hodson-Odoi also left his mark against Montenegro with the golden opportunity he got from manager Gareth Southgate.

The Chelsea youngster made his debut with England at the age of 18, a gesture to which he responded by giving Ross Barkley an assist just before the halftime whistle in order to grant England the momentary 1-2 comeback.

The England squad seemed quite comfortable during this match despite playing in one of the most complicated stadiums in Eastern Europe, they came back for a second half that kept them on top of their rival and even gave them a bigger opportunity to score more goals.

As we said before, Ross Barkley’s genius would be the absolute standout performance for this match, the man scored his brace fifteen minutes into the second half after Raheem Sterling’s cross was deflected by the defense and left the ball for an easy Barkley shot from the heart of the box.

It was already 1-3 for the English but were still in for a few more surprises on this game, Gareth Southgate asked his players to not hold back regardless of the result and that’s exactly what they all did.



Raheem Sterling was eager to leave his mark as well, he was very confident after that hat-trick against the Czech Republic and he kept looking for either a goal or an assist against Montenegro as well.

This reward came after several attempts and less than 20 minutes left on the clock, Sterling received a pass between the lines on the right wing and he saw Harry Kane practically alone inside the box to serve him an assist that gave England the 1-4 result.

But Sterling wasn’t going to leave the game without scoring his own goal, the Manchester City player proved that he is hungry for everything this season as he received a beautiful pass from Ross Barkley that allowed him to get England’s fifth goal of the evening and the final 1-5 comeback for the Three Lions against Montenegro.

Gareth Southgate even had the luxury of leaving many of his best players on the bench, there was no need to use them all because the ones he picked for this match responded brilliantly.

This result fills the English with confidence for the crucial next match in June, which will have them playing against the powerful Netherlands in the UEFA Nations League’s final four match for a ticket to the grand finale of this new international competition.



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