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England’s Sterling and Sancho steal the show vs Kosovo

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The England National Team had both Jadon Sancho and Raheem Sterling steal the show against a brave Kosovo at St. Mary’s Stadium.

The England National Team played at Southampton’s St. Mary’s Stadium against Kosovo, with both Jadon Sancho and Raheem Sterling stealing the show during the first half.

After Kevin De Bruyne delivered three assists and one goal against Scotland last Monday, Sterling didn’t want to fall short in his attempt to impress Guardiola.

The England international demonstrated how unplayable he is right now, he didn’t leave anything to the imagination and proved that he is the most important player for the Three Lions right now.

However, Sterling wasn’t the only top performer this evening.

Young Jadon Sancho got his first-ever start in the European Qualifiers and he also responded with two goals.

These two players can become the most important part in England’s hopes for a title in the near future.

Despite England’s clear dominance during the first half, the Kosovo National Team didn’t give up when the second half came.

But before we tell you about their brave attempt for a comeback, we will go through England’s goals one by one in chronological order.

This is the perfect moment in which the Three Lions proved how powerful they can be, but they also raised a few red flags after getting too cocky during the second half.

The locals got an early scare after Kosovo got an early goal during the first minute of the game, Berisha scored a goal that caught the England backline completely distracted.

But rather than getting them down with this setback, the England side woke up and started enjoying the game.

Raheem Sterling opened the scoreline for his side after a header Michael Keane assist during a corner kick for the Three Lions.

Harry Kane was the first to enjoy Raheem Sterling’s generosity ten minutes later, the England captain scored with a crossed shot and practically no angle to deliver.

Jadon Sancho’s particular show started with six minutes left on the first half, he provoked Jovoda to score an own goal against Kosovo after sending a cross from the right side of the box.

The last two minutes of the game gave us the historic moment in which Sancho scored his first brace for England, both of them came after getting assisted by Raheem Sterling.

The first one was a potent shot with an advantage after getting the pass from Sterling with only one defender covering him.

The second goal came on the very last minute before half time, as Sterling sent a precise cross from the left side of the pitch.

Sancho gets to score his first brace for England at only 19 years of age, a truly spectacular achievement for the Borussia Dortmund star.

Kosovo fights back in the second half.

Right after the second-half whistle, Berisha proved he is a top-quality player by scoring the second goal for his side.

He received another assist from Muriqi and his finish was beautiful to watch, it was a shot to the top corner after dribbling on the England defenders inside the box.

Vedat Muriqi made the game a lot more exciting with more than half an hour left on the game, he scored the third goal for Kosovo after a penalty was awarded in their favor.

Just a few minutes after that goal from Muriqi, Ross Barkley got taken down inside the box and England got the chance to score the sixth goal.

Harry Kane could’ve let Jadon Sancho take the shot and let the kid get his hat-trick, but the captain wanted to score it himself.

The problem here was the Harry missed the penalty after goalkeeper Muric denied him the shot.

England struggled to protect the two-goal lead, they really weren’t expecting such impressive performances from Kosovo’s Berisha and Muriqi.

The final whistle finally came and the Three Lions could breathe after suffering quite a bit at St. Mary’s Stadium.

With still one less match played in UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifiers’ Group A, England is already leading the area with 12 points over the other competitors.

The biggest take away of this was Sterling and Sancho’s performances despite England’s distraction during the second half.

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