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Eriksen is only worth signing on a free transfer

Christian Eriksen, Tottenham
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Jamie Carragher, Gary Neville, and Roy Keane all feel that Real Madrid, PSG or Manchester United would only take Christian Eriksen on a free transfer.

After another uninspiring performance from the Danish international, the Sky Sports pundits were ruthless in their analysis.

While Tottenham took the lead in the opening minute at Anfield, it was a game dominated by the Merseysiders.

To fully understand the enormity of Liverpool’s dominance, Spurs goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga was the man of the match.

He saved 12 shots on goal.

His heroics between the sticks kept the scoreline more respectable than Tottenham deserved.

In the post-match analysis, the pundits were like vultures rounding their next meal, as they were devastatingly ruthless in their assessment of Eriksen.

The Danish international has been a mere shadow of the player that inspired Spurs to an incredible 2018/19 season.

The player has refused to sign a new contract and been using for a move to a bigger club.

The likes of Real Madrid was his dream move, but Manchester United have also been linked.

However, this summer saw no interset from any potential suitors for Eriksen, never mind the lofty heights he has set his eyes on.

The assessment from the sides is simple, he isn’t good enough.

In the post-match analysis, Neville Carragher and Keane feel he simply would not improve any of the sides he wants to play for.

Carragher said:

“Eriksen for me is a really good player for Tottenham… but he’s not better than Tottenham.”

“He keeps getting talked about at this player who can play for Real Madrid, but he can’t!”

Neville had an interesting view on the player. He thinks he would improve United, but there would be a condition to them taking him.

Neville said:

“Yeah, absolutely, no problem. Manchester United would take him tomorrow.”

“Would he improve Man United? I think he would.”

“What you’re seeing at the moment with Eriksen is a player who is not buying into what’s happening.”

“He’s disinterested.”

“He’ll switch it on again when he moves to another club.”

“I’m not saying he’s good, but will Man United, PSG, or Real Madrid take him?”

“On a free, they will.”

Roy Keane could not help but jump on Neville’s thoughts.

Keane added:

“That’s a good reflection of him [Eriksen] isn’t it.”

“Would I take him? Not if I was the manager of Man United.”

“I think he will get a move, he’s on a free.”

“But I don’t think he’ll improve those teams and that’s the key for a club like Man United who are trying to close the gap.”

Eriksen may eventually force his way out of Tottenham, but his dream move is looking less and less likely given his recent performances.

Real and PSG are well above his level right now.

His recent lack of ambition and attitude, will not have impressed Ole Gunnar Solskajer who is trying to rid United of this kind of behaviour.