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Eriksen promises a ‘tough cookie’ Champions League performance

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Christian Eriksen is certain Tottenham can definitely put up a fight against Liverpool in the upcoming Champions League final.

For Tottenham, the Champions League final is basically a ‘make it’ or ‘break it’ deal. However, despite being undeservingly labeled ‘The Underdogs’ of the competition, the team won’t give up fighting for the trophy. Speaking on behalf of the team was midfielder Christian Eriksen, noting that the title fast (lasting ever since 2008), can easily come to an end.

“We will not lie down,” Eriksen explained to BBC Sport.

“We dream we will stand with the trophy – that’s what we see in our heads. But we know it won’t come easy.”

Eriksen Promises a 'Tough Cookie' Champions League Performance
AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – MAY 08: Christian Eriksen of Tottenham Hotspur warms up ahead of the UEFA Champions League Semi Final second leg match between Ajax and Tottenham Hotspur at the Johan Cruyff Arena on May 08, 2019 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. (Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images )

Tottenham showed a splendid performance in the Champions League, putting an end to Ajax’s out-of-the-blue domination. Eriksen, who has thus far scored two goals in the competition, acknowledges that history and statistics don’t work in Tottenham’s favor. Because of that, the team will have to rely on their synergy and bring the title home.

The club itself has been holding its ground in the Premier League for five seasons straight, scoring the fifth or higher spots on the table. In the 2018/2019 season, Tottenham marked the fourth spot on the table. But, should they dominate in the final against Liverpool, Tottenham is looking at a game-changing advantage in the Champions League next year.

As for his eagerness to lift the Champions League trophy, Eriksen shared his personal opinion.

“I came to Spurs six years ago and it’s been an upwards curve since,” he said.

“We’ve been in the top four for many years and have been in the Champions League. It would be a statement to be able to win this competition.

“It’s something really special and something a footballer dreams about. I would love to have that on my CV.”