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Ernesto Valverde is eager to face Real Madrid in Copa

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Now that we know the Copa del Rey semifinals, manager Ernesto Valverde didn’t seem surprised with Real Madrid as Barcelona’s next rival.

We are in for a treat in the Copa del Rey semifinals as we get to watch El Clasico twice in the same competition, manager Ernesto Valverde revealed how he feels about FC Barcelona facing Real Madrid three times in the span of one month.

The very first of these three matches will be on February 6 at Camp Nou, this will be the Copa del Rey’s first leg semifinal match.

February 27 will bring us that return leg at the Santiago Bernabeu, this match will decide which is these two clubs will play the final against either Valencia or Real Betis at the Benito Villamarin Stadium on May 25 later this year.

But only a few days after that, we are also getting La Liga’s El Clasico match, also at the Santiago Bernabeu.

These three days will be very reminiscent to that 2010-2011 season when both clubs met in La Liga, as well as in the UEFA Champions League.

FC Barcelona ended up winning both tournaments that season, sparks flew through the air with the hostilities between both squads thanks to Jose Mourinho’s thirst for war.

Although the rivalry is still very much alive between both clubs, we have a feeling that the atmosphere will be very different compared to the one from all those years ago.

“It will be a great semifinal against Real Madrid,” said Valverde to the press via Diario Sport.

“We are getting two great matches that come in a moment where we will both be very involved in the fight for the top positions in La Liga, and we will also be preparing the final stages of the Champions League.”

“These two games bring a very important intensity discharge, but we won’t deny that it will also be really interesting for both fans bases and any spectator for that matter.”

“Talking about percentages right now is completely absurd, this will be a very close semifinal. They were actually coming from a difficult moment in La Liga, but they are a lot more confident now and they keep playing better while getting results.”

“Now we get Real Madrid in a very good moment, perhaps the best of the season. I am always honest and I have to say the truth: I always knew that getting Real Madrid in the draw was a possibility.”

“This is something I already contemplated, it wasn’t a surprise for me. We could’ve also gotten either Betis or Valencia, those two clubs would’ve also represented a major challenge for us.”

“These two Clasicos don’t affect us that much, these are great matches. We are talking about games that will be beautiful to look at, ones that inspire the fans.”

“We are going to do everything in our power to go through and that’s it. All the other details about the calendar are inevitable,” he added.

For now, FC Barcelona needs to worry about the upcoming match on the weekend. The Catalan club has a crucial match against Valencia at Camp Nou, Ernesto Valverde’s squad will try to remain strong at the very top of the table until that first Copa del Rey match against Real Madrid comes knocking on the door.

Things are going pretty much perfectly for FC Barcelona, but football always gives you the most unexpected surprises and things could be completely backward for both squads by the time the first leg comes.

All Barcelona needs to do right now is to keep playing the way they have so far, they need to improve on the defense if they don’t want to get a very painful defeat at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Because the Catalan club needs to consider one very important aspect out of all this, they are in a disadvantage right now because the return leg won’t be at the Camp Nou like it was against Leganes and Sevilla.

Making sure that they play good football far from home must be a top priority right now for Barcelona, because visiting the Bernabeu will be no joke and arguably one of the biggest challenges of the season for them.

What do you expect from the three consecutive El Clasico matches this month? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.