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Espanyol coach vows to defend second spot

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Espanyol Coach Rubi has vowed ‘to defend’ their La Liga position after rising to second in the standings.

The Catalan side are behind fellow city rivals Barcelona in the standings after nine La Liga fixtures.

Espanyol climbed to the second spot after Sunday’s victory at Huesca.

“In the dressing room there will be no euphoria,” Rubi told Football Espana reporters after the game.

“There will only be more hard work to come and not to let up in our performances, because our feet will still be on the ground.

“We have seen what it takes to win games in this division and I want our fans to be very happy with the position we are in at this stage.

“Now we will defend it, that must be our mentality despite knowing that things will be difficult.

“Was returning to Huesca? Of course, there is a little emotion but you must remain professional, and I am very happy with the treatment I have received at this beautiful stadium.”