European Leagues reject UEFA’s revamp proposal

Europe’s domestic leagues have rejected current plans for a revamped Champions League, claiming it would favour only a few rich and dominant clubs.

UEFA is working with the European Club Association (ECA), to re-design European competition after the current international calendar ends in 2024.

Statistically, the European League represents 35 leagues in 28 European countries – and reports have confirmed they told UEFA to scrap its reforms.

The outgoing bosses of the English Football League and Premier League, Shaun Harvey and Richard Scudamore, respectively, are among the 13 men on the board.

The statement read: “The European Leagues retain the strong opinion that the presented proposal for reforming the European Club Competitions benefits just a few rich and dominant clubs but damages the leagues and the great majority of clubs playing in the domestic competitions.

“The European Leagues are working on changes which contribute to the long-term sporting and financial sustainability of both European and domestic club competitions.

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“UEFA must come to an agreement with the European Leagues and the other stakeholders to safeguard the interests of all professional football clubs in Europe.”

The stark message to European football’s governing body emerged from a meeting of European Leagues’ board of directors in Warsaw on Thursday.


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